Coincident Statement Pre Vs Aesthetix Calypso Pre

Hi all,

Need your input about the two pre... Coincident Statement Pre and Aesthetix Calypso. Need some advise on which is a better pre to get...

While I have had no direct experience with either of these 2 preamps, let me make a suggestion...

List your remaining components which may allow others to relate their experience with synergy among components and why it is you are looking at these 2 specific preamps. Its quite possible that there is another preamp out there that may be a better match for your system and your desired outcome...

Stereo Amp - Pass Labs X250.5
CD Transport - CEC TL1
DAC - Theta pro basic
Speakers - Harbeth SHL 5

I hope to try out balanced (XLR) i/o - found out recently that while preamps may have xlr i/o, the amp may not have a balanced circuitry,,, hope to get a preamp with both rca and true balanced circuitry... my budget is about $6,000 - besides the two preamp mentioned, i am open to other recommendations. Preamp should be tube... or hybrid tube...

I have the Aesthetix and have nothing but good things to say about it. I would defiantly buy it again. You are correct in wanting to get a true balanced preamp and not just something with XLR connectors on it. Your amp is fully balanced so it makes sense to get a balanced pre. If you find that the Aesthetix is not for you, I would look at BAT. Great products, as well, but a different sound.
I've owned two Calypso's and currently have the Signature version. Great dependable preamp that responds well to tube rolling.

As an aside, in addition to changing your pre, your Harbeth's would really sing with a tube amp. I used to run Harbeth M-40.1's with McIntosh MC275 MKV and a Calypso preamp. It was a great combo. Highly recommended.

What is the distinct or significant difference between the Calypso Standard and Signature?

What percentage increase in performance?

Care to share some thoughts...

I've a Calypso, no experience of the Coincident and I've not heard the Sig.

The Calypso is a fine pre, the one thing to be aware of is the unit drives tubes hard and noise can be a problem with very sensitive speakers. You also need to budget for quality NOS tubes to get the best from it.

I was at a dealer today, I'd heard his Reimyo/Soulution/Verity combo briefly a month or two a ago and was blown away. He's made some changes since as have I.

The experience was not the same this time around, as I listen to my system now I'm pretty happy, sure on some stuff that Soulution system offered up greater transparency. I would guess there is greater potential but my system plays some of the music I enjoy in a way I prefer to that system. A big surprise.

The Calypso is at the heart of mine. Whether it'd work in your system and room only you can judge. The Calypso does have the potential to recreate wonderful music at a pretty modest cost.

I've investigated opinion on the Signature, there does seem to be a consensus that it is a step up in transparency and portrays music in a natural and very neutral way.
I too have the Calypso Signature. Very good pre for the relatively small price. Works very well with my McIntosh 275.

Great company, very positive experience when I opted for the Signature upgrade. The Signature upgrade really smoothed out the overall sound, with wide sound stage.
Hi Dpe94.

Whats has your experience with noise been? In my system its not intrusive but noticeable when I'm near the tweeter. I've read some reports saying the signature is very quite, did you notice any difference after the upgrade?
I also have the Calypso/Rhea and 2 MC 275's! VERY happy!!!