Clearview Double Helix Power Strips

I received one of those "Mapleshade" catalogs in the mail, and was thumbing through it while watching the Vice-Presidential debate. In it (the catalog, not the debate) was advertised the Clearview Double Helix Power Strips, which sell for $270 (in Mark II version).

According to Mapleshade's documentation, these Clearviews are better than PS Audio 600, Shunyata, Richard Grey, etc.

I currently have a Monster PowerBar 2100 (~$200). Is this product as large an upgrade, compared to a piece like mine?

Thanks for the input...
I have seen that too. I don’t know how good sounding they are but quite frankly, I don’t know how they can meet the safety standards with thin polymer insulation. Using thin polymer to insulate interconnect is ok because of the very low voltage passing through but it is inherently danger to use that to insulate power cable. I know I was called a wimp by some audio friends of mine before but I am not going to compromise safety for sonic reason. There are other ways to get good sound.

Just my 2 cents.