Audioquest Type 4+ vs Goertz M1 2 vs Clearview

My system is an Arcam Alpha 8R integrated with Paradigm Studio Reference 20's v2. I have been using Kimber 4pr in the system which does a lot but I would like better resolution of highs and fullest lows. I tried DH Labs T-14 and it brought out the edginess in the metal tweeters of the Paradigms. I am now looking at Audioquest Type 4+ (or CV4 or GR8 / Goertz M1(2) / and Clearview Golden Helix. Anyone familiar with the relative characteristics of these cables? I love all music but have a lot of classical and acoustic.
Audioquest CV4 has good, crisp clarity for female vocals & acoustic guitar, but it will not give your desired "fullest lows". What you described requires a fullrange cable. The CV4 is bias to favor the highs. For less than the CV4 price you could check out AQ Midnight2 used, if you could live with the Midnight's much larger size & stiffness. Little risk for you if you don't like them.

I bought the Midnight2 (used) after selling off the CV4. They work very well fullranged with my Dynaudio A72 floorstanders for more than a year now. Sorry i cannot comment on the other cables you stated, coz i had never heard them before.