Clearaudio MAGIX Magnetic Isolators ?

any information about Clearaudio MAGIX Magnetic Isolators?
Footers which use magnets to float the component on air between the 2 magnetic fields.
I would be very concerned about placing high-powered magnets very close to my sensitive audio circuits.
IF your components are designed even marginally well the magnetic fields are not going to bother them. However I think one area where a field woudl cause problems would be aroud the turntable, but I am assumign that since Clearaudio is a TT manufacturer they have considered this.
I agree with TWL. Another point is the claim that these devices "truely stop all resonence sound from your equipment, which actually is suspended on air."

Yes, they are suspended in air with no mechanical connection to the platform. But they are not completely isolated. If you put these feet on a shelf and then a component on the feet and then wiggle the shelf, are they trying to claim that the component won't move? Of course it will move. The shelf will move the magnetic cup, the magnetic field will push against the other part which will push against the component and move it. The movement may be damped but it is not completely isolated.

The other concern is airborne vibrations. Sound waves that strike the component will start it vibrating. These feet can't stop that. I think they will give results similar to spings, air bladders, or soft feet like vibrapods. They make work very well to dampen vibrations but they don't just float your component in air completely isolated from it's surroundings. For that you would need a magic carpet.
I have tried them. Twl's concern is valid -- but there is sufficient distance b/ween the magnet & the component & the magnet is not very strong.
I found them difficult to set up; my equipment is uneavenly heavy (massive front plates, etc) and supporting & levelling was difficult so I had to use four of these.

When I finally DID get it working, the results on my cdp were commendable: more "air" and more noticeable upper extension w/out detriment to bass. If anything the bass was more defined. I can'r say if subjective prat was better...

Better results with the pre -- where the imaging improved in the sense that it became "sturdier" (am I making sense).

The BEST results were using these under the PS (cdp & pre).

I never succeeded in supporting my TT, so no comments there.

However, I obtained subjectively "better" results (to my ears, in my system) with simple Neuance shelves on cones...

BTW, I couldn't detect sideways movement with the magix, i.e. they're not rickety. But they ARE very expensive...
Hallo Mejames,
years have passed, but perhaps someone still is interested in this subject. Several points have been mentioned so far: I could not experience any disturbing magnetic influence on sensitive audio crcuits. But what about the suspension efficacy?
I had 12 (twelve) Magix2 underneath the PX 100 M. They were quite effective but could not eliminate ground floor noise. I removed the Magix and placed the 40 kg Onkyo on the “TT 100” table (Lignolab, Bochum, Germany.

Complete success and satisfaction! layer_embedded#!

best regards

PS: I have no financial interest in LignoLab