Electro-Magnetic storm to hit Earth today.

According to a CBC article that I read this morning,Friday, Oct 24, a strong electro-magnetic storm will reach the Earth sometime today. A large sunspot discharge, called a "Coronal Mass Ejection(CME)" was released on Wednesday, and will hit earth today. According to scientists, this is the largest CME in years, and could cause damage to communications satellites, cell phone infrastructure, possibly power grids, and other electrical interference or damage. The last large CME did cause satellite damage.

I just report this so that interested people may take precautionary action to safeguard their systems from any possible effects by this CME. It may be prudent to disconnect your sensitive electronics from the wall, and temporarily disconnect your antenna wiring until this passes by.

It may not damage the equipment, but scientists believe that damage may be possible, so it may be better to be safe than sorry.

Heads up.
When I saw the article on this yesterday, I immediately ran to the store, bought up all of the aluminum foil I could find and wrapped the house in it. If it was good enough for NASA, I figured why not give it a shot.
That's why I can't have a system in my bedroom. I get those "Mass Ejections" and they get out of control and get all over everything. We even had to put some of those Child-Proof outlet guards in all the bedroom outlets to keep from shorting out the whole damn house. Even busted a window once with a pretty healthy discharge!!! We used to have to repaint that room once a month too. Finally got wise and had one of those Faux Martha Stewart spongey patterns put on the bedroom walls that hide all the spooge marks.


I unplugged my home system before I left (thanks...I think....Tom). Left the works system on and running and it seems to be fine except for the smoke coming from my amplifiers and the occasional arcing tubes.
My system was fine until about 3:25 PM Central time. I was playing my new amps, listening for improvements when a voice came through my speakers........

“People of Earth, you must stop your violence, rape of the planet and hatred of all living things or we will intervene.“

I spoke back to the speakers, “Hey you, what do you mean intervene”

“If you do not stop the violence, we will destroy 80% of the humans on your planet by midnight tonight.”

I said, “Great, more vinyl and tubes for me, and cue’d up another song.”

I hope Audiogon members are among the surviving 20%.
Shee-it; If i have reached such temporal-mental level in audiophilia that I have to worry about sunspots...well Old Sol can have the whole lot of it.....
Well, it's Saturday morning, and I guess we are all still here, so it wasn't a problem.

However, I am a little worried about Albert's alien encounter.