Classé CAP-151 VS Plinius 9200

I'm using a Classé CAP-151 int amp at the moment and would like to know if the Plinius 9200 is far superior ?
Would it be worth selling the Classé for the Plinius ?


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Probably not but it depends on many other variables. if you can, try it out and let your ears tell.

I had that Classe and always loved it with my Thiel 1.6s and 2.4s.  Haven't heard the Plinius, but I eventually ended up with a Pass INT-30A that I really loved too (and felt was in a different league than the Classe).  Just another option to consider if you're thinking about possible integrateds to try.  You can read some of my old threads where I was amp shopping if you're curious...

Good luck,
Btw, given the quality of your speakers, I think it is time to consider a new amp...
Hi cal3713, thanks for your input.
Well the system that i use at the moment to drive the 3.7s is not going to stay, this is just short term gear to drive the speakers and not leave them stored in their boxes.
I bought the 3.7s used 2 years ago when i became aware of Thiel Audio not producing them anymore.
When i auditioned the 3.7s for the first time in early 2014 i told to myselt this is the speaker i want to build my future reference system.
The gear i am considering for my future system is in another league and the budget that goes with it pretty scary.
From what i've red the Plinius 9200 is no good enough to replace the Classé.
I think the only low budget integrated to consider for 3.7s is the Sugden IA-4.
But considering my ambitious project it's probably not worth spending money now.

cal3713 didn't you have any trouble driving the 2.4s with the CAP-151 ?
2.4s are power hungry.


what gear, including cabling, is in your system now? Are you still enjoying the CS 2.4 speakers?
Thiel loudspeaker crave high current as well.