CJ ART vs. ML Ref 32 vs. Boulder 1012

I'm looking to upgrade my Line Stage and Phono Stage, as well as add a DAC to my system. I'm considering all three units listed, as well as others. Please note that single box front end vs. separate components is not an issue.

I also realize that all three are top shelf units above are different animals. Any insight or recommendations would be appreciated. Additional considerations: Rowland Coherence & Lamm Products

Current system:

Pass X1 Line Stage
Pass X600 Monos
B&W N802 (Probable upgrade to Avalon Eidolon or Wilson Max)
Electrocompaniet EMC-1
SME 10 Table
Ever heard the term " you can't loose " ? I have only heard the 32 in a demo so I can't really help. But I sure wish I had one of'em in my system so I could. At these price points I would take them home and decide for myself if possible. It's an awfull expensive mistake to decide later that you would rather have bought the OTHER 14k pre-amp. Good luck with the hunt though, sorry I can only cheer you on from the sidelines.
I think the boulder 1012 is your best bet,It supposed to have the best dac available regardless of price,plus you get a preamp.
Maybe cornfedboy can fill you in a bit, he should have his by now
Such a tuff choice?
If I were you, I would choose ART. You need a SE tube equipment in your audio chain to realize the aura of the recording.
Are the amps better in RCA or XLR mode? Why not go for the Pass X0?
Thanks to all above. Every post makes sense. They're also the reasons that make this a tough choice.

Demo-ing is probably the way to go, however, it's tough to find these things. I might get my hands on the ML and Boulder, but probably not the CJ. Only 250 of these are being made.

Cornfedboy: If you see this, have you received your Boulder unit? I'd be very curious to hear your comments on the Line stage, DAC, and particularly the phono stage. I'm considering an Aesthetix IO depending upon the quality of the phonos with these units.

Tubes. Great point! my SS equipment would probably benefit substantially from an injection of quality "Tube Characteristics". (Im am concerned a bit, however, about the need for tweaking and reliability associated with many tube pieces.)

Pass X0: Also a good point, however, I currently use the X1 (great Pre) and understand that there is very little difference between the two units. Also, I've wondered if these are in the same league with the above listed units.

Thanks again to all.

If there is any additional insight on "Great Preamps" out there, I'd love to hear it.
The CJ art is the best of what you described. I have herd all three in my system and the CJ art performed the best.

Thanks, Chuck

Thanks for the input.

Out of curiosity what primary components is your system made up of?
To me, most of the great preamps are tube preamps. The best way to go is to get a tube pre with balanced output. i would rather use a passive preamp than to use a SS one.
until you've heard a Lamm linestage, you're wasting your time. my experience after spending too many $$ chasing overhyped alternatives. expensive yes, but they are the best...
The magic about the ART (now ART II) is that it seems to match so well with most amps. I have listened to most reference grade preamp, and ended up with the ART connected to the 33H. (www.lam.ws)