Boulder has full page ad in Du-pont registry

They have an ad in the current Du-pont registry. It's on page 3 and there is a Lamborghini on the front cover of the magazine. It's strange to me that they would advertise in Du-pont registry. Outside of the high-end world I don't believe anyone knows who they are. I can see if Mc Intosh advertises in there. They are a household name like Cadillac or Harley Davidson.

I guess business is slow an they are on a fishing expedition. I guess they figure they might catch a few whales. I personally think if they want to gamble they should go to Las Vegas.

Most car guys could care less about high-end audio. (Sure there are a few that are into it but not many) The music car guys love is what comes out of their exhaust. I know 2 guys that own Ferrari's and they never put the stereo on in their car. They love the symphony of the Ferrari motor. To them that is music.

I wish Boulder good luck with their ad but I don't think that is the place for them to advertise.
If kids will spend $500 for a pair of half-assed Beats headphones, it shows that people will spend the money on what they think is cool. If they saw Puffy come home and put on a record on his Wilson/Boulder system, they would aspire to have the same thing. But getting icons like that costs millions and the high-end companies ain't got that kind of jack for endorsements. I guess Jason Statham playing a record on his Jolida/Pro-ject system before doing a hit wasn't cool enough.
What do you know about the lux market, you're a self admitted regular reader of AudioKarma with all the other dumpster divers and bottom feeders.
Most of hi end audio is like that. It's more cool than it actually sounds.

I just look at Audio Kharma for entertainment purposes. The same way people watch Jerry Springer.

I'm actually pretty much on top of the luxury market. I have a monthly subscription to Du pont registry and the Robb report. I follow the classic car auctions and well as the rare coin auctions. I don't know as much about the watch market but I'm learning a little bit at a time. And of course I follow the high end audio market with sites like these and the usual publications. I also try to go to one major show a year.
MANY car guys are also into high-end audio; boys and their toys, to be sure. There's a common appreciation for superb performance and industrial design at work here. I'm a longtime member of both of these camps.

Though I'm not a SS/Boulder guy...
I don't think it is a stretch at all as high performance in all things such as cars, motorcycles, personnel aircraft, watches, audio and clothing to name a few is a characteristic the ubber wealthy wants and obviously can afford.

Maybe they just got some stimulus money and had to spend it on something wasteful.
"Outside of the high-end world I don't believe anyone knows who they are”

That sounds more like a reason to place the ad, rather than not.

"Most car guys could care less about high-end audio.”

I don’t understand why there would be more indifference among car guys than any other guys.

"I know 2 guys that own Ferrari's and they never put the stereo on in their car.”

Do they drive their Ferraris into their living rooms and listen to them at home?

Taters - can’t you just be happy that they’re not advertising bacon?
Tater-"Can't you be happy that they're not advertising bacon"
I guess you make a good point!
Boulder also has a pictured ad on the back of a Grey Poupon
Grey Poupon? I hope you are joking.
Of course I am!
At CES Boulder exhibited a static display of a $180K refrigerator-sized amp with metal work worthy of NASA. They explained that this model was purely a response to their Chinese customers' desire for something larger and more expensive. I bet these customers subscribe to Robb and Dupont as well.
Why would you want a stereo in a Ferrari the engine makes the music. And they buy it because they can afford it not because they are interested in it. It is an exclusivity thing.

How do you know they are not interested in the cars?
At $180k per pair for their flagship amps, The DuPont Registry is the perfect place to advertise. If they sell one pair as a result of the ad, they've hit a home run.
I believe Boulder advertising in the DuPont Registry makes more sense than advertising in Stereophile. Talk about reaching your target demographics/market.
If I could afford a Ferrari, I'd sure as heck want a killer sound system in it. Yeah, yeah, the sound of the engine is cool and all of that...but there'd come a time that I'd want to hear some music.
Robb Report as well.
Boulder also has a pictured ad on the back of a Grey Poupon

Get a two Boulder amps--nothing like a nice pair of Boulders!
It is about the Luxury market, not the audio market, and their motivation is unlike the high-end market.

Ironically, it may also work with the ''Stereophile'' market, meaning not the Luxury buyer but the audiophile with means.

Honda entered the F1 years ago to reach the common Accord-buying consumer, not to sell F1's...

Again - what is the Luxury market? Do you really think people spend $ 10,000 on a Rolex just to know the time, or because it is a precise instrument? A $ 100 quartz Timex is actually a lot more precise, but minus the prestige of course.

The Luxury market is all about exclusivity, limited-editions, and high price tags.
Why criticize? Indeed, it is the luxury market and there is some crossover. At least they (Boulder) are trying something.

So what if luxury market buyers are not "about the music"?

Most audiophiles are more about the equipment than the music.
Agree 100%
sounds like boulder is desperate for sales!
Most everyone is desperate for sales in the current economy. But going after the luxury market may be simply to expand to new markets. And few companies have what it takes product and prestige wise. Boulder fits nicely in the luxury sector in my opinion.
Good place for that company to advertise to get their products in front of more prospective customers that their products might appeal to and can afford as well.
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sounds like boulder is desperate for sales!
Members deserve better than reading your misinformation and lies. The simple fact is Boulder have added a 4th CNC machine, employed more staff and are in the process of moving to a bigger factory in St Louis to meet demand.
As a professional marketer, I would bet that there is a high correlation between folks who buy high end cars and high end audio. They may merely be rich or just like fine things as opposed to being audiophiles but their money is still good. One of my old bosses was a multi millionaire who had a rule to 'buy the best'...because he could. He had a McIntosh system in his office. It was never on in the 5 years I worked there. I checked once and it was not even plugged in! He had an even better one at home which he used to listen to the radio.he also had about 10 lux cars,multiple houses,a cigarette boat that never moved from the parking lot,etc. If Boulder can sell to a few of the folks the ad is more than covered.