Choice between receivers

If I needed to choose between 2 receivers...A Yamaha RX-330, and a Yamaha CR-600, which one should I keep? This is not my main receiver, but one to use in a bedroom, or library/study. Any responses would be appreciated. Thanks
the early 70s yammie rcvrs have some collector's cachet, look nice and sound quite good. the late 60s/early 90s stuff like your rx were nothing special sonically or cosmetically. so i'd keep the older one.
CR-600. Loomis is right on. High quality equipment.
Yes, the 70's and early 80s Yamaha receivers were mostly very good! In general, I go with those.
Thank you...very helpful answers.
I do agree with guys, the CR600 is one of the most solid receivers from yamaha, and it can be used as amp or power amp.