Check this out, heard of Altmann Tube-o-Lator ??

I ran into this site and figured Audiogoners might be interested, since we're discussing tweaks, upgrades and the likes in our quest know.
A simple, brush-on, laquer-based coating applied to specific electronic components on circuit boards.
Supposed to work wonders for D/A's, Preamps, Amps etc., provides a warm, musical, natural sound when cured.
I'm gonna try it out, what the heck. It's removable if you wish, comes in a small vial, costs about $55 bucks.
Here's the link:
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I also saw somewhere similar stuff but for improving data transfer environment -- a special spray you would spark arround your workstation or server is such exists and your bytes will fly much faster....
Looks interesting. Let us know how it works when you try it. Thanks
TRT marketed a similar product several years ago. For those that don't know who / what TRT is, it is J. Peter Moncrieff of International Audio Review ( IAR ) fame's company. They also do Wondercaps, WonderSolder, Dynamicaps, etc... TRT stands for "Tomorrow's Research Today". Sean