Cheap Power Cord for Music Hall A 25.2 Integrated

I would be grateful for recommendations for an inexpensive power cord for the Music Hall A 25.2 Integrated Amplifier. Thank you.
Signal Cable or Pangea.
I found a kimber pk14 for $100. Hooked it to my cd25. For an amp I might go with the pk10 but I'm enjoying vet much.
For new Pangea 14SE is the one, along with Shunyata Venom 3 as the other top choice. .. and then (never heard though, just passing it along) Signal cable.
The one that came with it is pretty cheap!!!!!
Pangea 14SE seconded.
The Tube Audio Design ILJ Power Cord is available direct from TAD for a whole $29 and it is fabulous. Solid, quiet, well balanced. Highly recommended!
Thanks very much for the advice. The Pangea 14SE indicates that its for source components while the Pangea 9 is apparently designed for amp. Which one will be superior for the integrated amp?