Cheap Plywood stands VS expensive manufacturer's stands

If height is the same, would it matter much?
I'm looking for some monitor size speakers (Spendor, Harbeth, ...), and most of them for sale do not include original stands which usually cost over $500 new. 
There are plenty of cheap stands at lower cost, but I wonder how much the sound would differ.
Anybody a/b'ed  on quality stands and cheap stands?

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I have. Ideally like everything else you would try several and buy the best. Usually hard to do.

But if you do then here's what you find: with your speakers on the really heavy, solid, stiff and stable stand the sound will be more solid, dynamic, and resolved, with a more deeply layered sound stage. You'll be able to follow individual instruments better, and loud passages will tend not to congeal as much. So look for stability, weight, and stiffness. 

You don't have to spend a lot. If you're the least bit handy then buy one bag of cement, two 3 foot lengths of PVC (if you like white) or 
ABS (black) and about 4 square feet of MDF. Filled with cement, MDF bolted to each end, you got some really solid stands for like $30. ABS by the way, sanded and polished, looks pretty darn nice.