Cheap Plater dust cover

Hi, As I was eating breakfast this morning I had a neat idea. And I did it and it seems like it will work quite well.
Keeping dust off of my Oracle Delphi's palter mat has always been a big pain. Dust just seems to glue itself to the sorbathene like plater mat.
While eating my 12" pizza for breakfast it came to me that the cardboard that my cheap pizza came on is the same size as if not a hair larger in diameter as my plater. So taking another pizza out of the freezer and removing the still clean cardboard disc under it. I fashioned a cheap plater dust cover.
Well I did have to unwrap a couple to get a completely spotless one. But after I had the clean disc in hand I placed an old LP on it and marked the center for the spindle hole. I then used my only special tool a 5/16" gasket punch and punched in a cental hole that is slight larger than the spindle. Painted it flat black with some spraypaint to give it that hi-end look and let it dry. Thats it I put it on when not playing records and it keeps the dust off. Anf it is practicly free. I am sure just about anyone could make it with little effort.
I know I could use the Oracles dust cover but I don't like the sound with it on. Also many turntables do not have dust covers so have at it people.
You're spot about those mats. Absolute dust magnets! I always used an unwanted record but I like your idea better. A very inspiring breakfast if a bit unorthodox.
What brand of pizza is it?
Why not just put an old beat up record on it and leave it there?
I don't have any records that are that beat up. They all have some track or side that I still like. Plus the pizza was filling and gave me something to listen too while I listen to my old records. The brand was Orv's Tastee toppings. More esoteric brands or more expensive pizzas come with white cardbpoard so I suppose they would need no painting. Besides I like the black color better. Please feel free to use any color you wish. Plus I just thought we do not get something for free these days very often. And let us not forget that is one less peice of cardboard that has to be recycled or in the land fill. Besides I am a single guy and live on cheap pizzas!
In the past I did use a rubber plater mat from an old table.
Nottingham uses a non cut LP disc. What you could do is buy an old beat up record for a dollar and use that. It would be cheaper than the pizza.
Hey, they used to call LP's licorice pizzas. Coincidence? I don't think so.
I have found that the Elios (from Ohio, not New Jersey) does the best job. There are two from Ohio - I recommend the one with the green tab in the lower left corner; the ones with the green tab in the lower right corner are actually made by Tombstone, under the Elios label-absolute knock offs-don't use them.
I made my own dustcover (for my Lab 80) and got my materials at Hobby Lobby. Clear plastic book cover sheet and tape. Total cost = $2.00
They have old beatup records at the Goodwill and such by the hundreds.