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I came across this....
That was fun. Thank you 
speaker cables for surrounds
Go with a pre/pro and seperate amps placed near the speakers. The other plus besides WAY better sound is, it is a lot easier to run interconects as they a slimmer and more flexiable. I was stunned and amazed when I Went from long speaker cable to ... 
Speaker with most dynamic PUNCH?
Oris 150's with Lowther drivers a good bass cabinet. 
Tweaks I'd like to see . . .
Anti-static socks with "star grounding" to the entire system. Allowing you to be as one with your system. Elimnating ang static or ground related issues. Of course including the optional matching gloves that doubles as a record cleaning brush. 
MIT cables and tubes, are they compatible?
My experence with older MIT cables,such as the 350 twins or the CVT serries has been extremely positive. My main amplifiers are Manley 250's. I use MIT 350 twins,(single ended) interconcts and 750CVT series speaker cables and have been very happy. 
Is Singlepower still in bussiness?
Thank's for the heads up. Sounds like a real shame. 
Luxman PD-272
Hi, my 274 has speed adjustment wheels just under the front lower edge. Use the included strobe and hope this helps. These are nice starter tables,really.Will give you enough to get you going on a long analog journey. 
Who has the oldest bottle of Stylast?
I have the same bottle since 1981 or so. Just checked and it is still clear and no crud floating in it. Could this qualify as NOS cleaner with vintage effects? Just think the air in the bottle is from the magic 80's. Well they were magic for me! 
Review: Empirical Audio Pace Car 2 Transport
Thank you for your review of a product that most of us would not get any feedback about from an actual user. It is a very intersting product. 
Tube amps that kick ass?
I think you would be extremely happy with a Manley Neo-Classic 250. You should be able to find one here for 5000 or less. I have been using one since 2002. Does everything that I could ask for and has been extremley reliable. Or use up more of you... 
Cheap Plater dust cover
I don't have any records that are that beat up. They all have some track or side that I still like. Plus the pizza was filling and gave me something to listen too while I listen to my old records. The brand was Orv's Tastee toppings. More esoteric... 
Cleaning a old tonearm
Thank all of you for your help. I used q-tips diped in carb and choke cleaner made by thr Gumout corp. Also I found that pipe cleaners worked very good in tight areas. Looks like brand new almost. Bearings feel smooth with no play. Again thank you... 
sony 500es tuner "cal tone" keys use?
It is for setting the recording level on a tape recorder. It is an average volume or output of the audio single of the tuner. 
Best DAC $1000 and under used
I second the vote on the Northstar 192. Versitle conections,very clean and dynamic. Plus the oversampling can be defeated. I have had mine for 2 years and am very happy. 
Manley Laboratories Amps-what do you think?
I have owned a pair of 250 Neo-Clasics since 2002. Still using the stock tubes. 20-35 hours per week. They are the best thing I ever did for my sound enjoyment. The quality is first rate. E-mails and questions I have had where answered quickly and...