Charlotte Nc Turntable Setup Help

I was recently gifted a really nice turntable that needs to be setup and calibrated-it is Project Evolution Xtension 10 with a Sumiko Blackbird Cartridge-I will gladly pay a fellow member who can do this correctly-

I can be reached at seven zero four nine nine nine four seven eight six

That's a nice table. Is the cartridge mounted? Or is that the help you're looking for?

Its mounted and playing but would like someone with better skills than i to give it the once over to make sure it’s optimized for best possible playback from this combo
Try Ron Buffington at Liquid HiFi in Indian Land. If he can't do it, he would definitely know someone that can. (704) 953-6034
Repo Records on Commonwealth also has someone they use to set up turntables.
Quite honestly then your "setup" consists in making sure it is perfectly level. That's it! 

You might want to get a stylus force gauge, just to check and be sure that didn't shift in moving it. I would assume the previous owner set that along with VTA and everything else when mounting the cartridge. Most guys get close on VTA and call it good. You being new, that is definitely what you will do.

Everything else beyond this and the sky is the limit. You can get help with the rack, the shelf, you can put it on a Townshend Platform. You can put it on a sand box. You can build a whole separate room for it. You can tweak it with PHT, ECT, fO.Q tape, on and on. There literally is no end to it. 

But as far as "setup" goes, don't make it harder than it has to be. It is level, you are done. Enjoy!
I am about three hours north of you, so I doubt I could help. But I have that exact table and it is great. I know you'll like it.


Thanks all for the advice-
Over the last day i have got the table sounding really nice-

it actually came to me setup but the first record i played i just picked one out of the nice collection that the seller gifted to me and the reason i could not get it to sound right was bc i did not realize it was a 45 edition of Dire straights Brothers in Arms and table set to 33-i sweat i am not that air headed but go figure the one record i choose to test the table is the rare 45 in this collection

once i figured out my error and the correct belt spindle groove the table was off and running-

Glad to be sitting back and enjoying some fine Vinyl this Easter Weekend

Very nice change up from
my digital based system

cheers and happy listening 
Happens to the best of us. No, seriously. Had the guys from Portland up here, put on that same LP, forgot to push 45. If Fremer says he never did this, he is lying. We all have.