CEC cd player

Looking to find out any information on this new cd single ended cd player that is from CEC. Audio Advisor is the direct importer. Price is $599. I have heard the Music Hall CD 25 in a Modded version. Great drive and transparency in my system, but lacking a little in emotion, and ergonomically clunky. Tempted to go Jolida or Ah next. But wanted to see if anyone knew anything about this player first.



By the way, the model # on this unit is CD-3300.

Red2 I have the TL5100Z stand alone cd player is good,
with xlr, When I use it with my msb original version,
It sings, as transport excellent, I am planning to get
audionote dac. The Jolida and the AH are both good cd
player.If I will buy now, Ill take the jolida 100 in
a heartbeat,I have the Ah.Sorry I have not seen the
cec you mention.GOOD LUCK