DVD Player that sounds right

I am interested finding a DVD player/transport. My setup includes a Proceed PAV/PDSD and the sony DVD player (being used as a transport) leaves me wondering why I invested so much in this system. The audio with movies is not bad, however music reproduction is quite disapointing. Is there a player that can be recomended? Any feedback on units like the Meridian 686?
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MUSE Model 9. It is outstanding as both a CD and a DVD Player.... keep in mind I am biased because I sell this player... but it does not take away from the fact that this might be the player you are looking for.
I agree w/ Delve Audio since I just purchased the Muse Model 9 Signature after a long and arduous audition process. In the past month I have listened to/watched the Proceed, CAL CL-2500DVD, Theta Carmen, Perpetaul Tech P-1A/P-3A + power supply (pioneer as transport), the bel Canto DAC1 w/ pioneer DVD 525 as a transport, along with other stand alone CD players. The model 9 sig. is playing in another leaugue entirely in terms of its audio & video presentation. On the audio side, I can easily say that the Muse is the best I have had yet (and that list is long). Overall pressentation is detailed but SMOOTH at the same time w/o a hint of digital nastiness up top. What is most impressive though is the overall landscape of the sonic presentation. Top to bottom coherence is the best I have heard and this unit diplays an uncanny sense of recapturing the timbre, pace, and rhythm of the source material. Highly recommended!
Wait to check out Sony's new DVP-9000ES, it will include SACD for under $1500. The new Pioneer DV-37 is a major contender as well. I have owned 5 diferent brands of DVD players and must say that the Pioneer had the beter sound IMO.
Dolphin: Could you share your findings in comparing these two options between them. I understand which was the best option for you but would like to have more input from you on these. Regards