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Gryphon Diablo 300 Unchained
I am biased, because I am a Gryphon dealer in NJ (full disclosure).  This is a unit which has to be heard to be believed.  If you have a local Gryphon dealer and think an integrated doesn't cut it, you're in for a more than pleasant surprise. 
HALCRO Amplifiers
In response to a post....Delve Audio IS a Halcro dealer (IN New JERSEY) and acquires amps from Halcro directly, through Philip O'Hanlon, the Halcro Distributor. He is the only Halcro distributor in the USA, as far as I know.... Oliver, owner, Delv... 
DVD Player that sounds right
MUSE Model 9. It is outstanding as both a CD and a DVD Player.... keep in mind I am biased because I sell this player... but it does not take away from the fact that this might be the player you are looking for. 
Are Talon speakers really this great?
I know I am a dealer.... so my comments may be discounted... so, I'll keep it short... Are Talon Speakers really this great? Yeah..... 
Coupling vs. Decoupling?
Read the stereotimes review of the Aurios Media Isolation Bearing. Or email me directly and we can discuss the difference. Oliver 
MSB Platinum DAC
When this Platinum DAC gets reviewed people will take notice, but for now (take this statement knowin gthat I am a dealer for MSB) only very few people know of its incredible performance. It is far beyond the performance of other high end and more... 
Speaker Cable Recommendation
The Analysis Plus Oval 9 would give you more than your money's worth. Many customers and reviewers have proclaimed th performance of this cable, leading edge. If you want to discuss it, you can call me at 973-812-6717. Oliver.. I believe the sound... 
Need Speaker Opinions please
Talon Audio makes a line of speakers that have completely floored me. I am in NJ. 973-812-6717 oliver 
Straightwire maestro vs. Analysis plus 9
Call me (Oliver) at 973-812-6717 to discuss your system and Analysis Plus wire. Also visit my site and view customer comments on AP wire. Also lists some customer reviews of the wire. You can see what they sa... 
if you think you have a great cd setup.. but want that final tweak... then look up soundstage's review of the Ortho Spectrum AR2000 (Analogue reconstructor)... it will be online 5/1/00. 
Comments on the Solilquy 5.3 Speaker
You should try the Coincident Speaker Technology Conquest. At the similar price point it is really incredible. 
Merlin VSM w/ BAM
where do you live? why not listen to it yourself? If you are in NJ, stop in. 
Best interconnects for ARC tube Gear
YES!!! Luminous Audio Technology, Synchectra Signature, if you are looking for copper.... Analysis Plus Inc, Silver Interconnect if you are looking for silver... 
Do I really need separates?
If I were in your position, I would look for a tubed integrated... it eliminates one component, one interconnect and one power cord... and the possibility and added noise. There are some integrated tube setups that are outstanding, especially for ...