CDP isolation platforms

This is a new area of research for me. Therefore, any and all suggestions regarding your favorite CDP isolation platforms/systems is greatly appreciated. Also, please include what you believe to be the strengths/weaknesses of your pick(s). Thanks.
Sorry, folks. I forgot to give a price range. I'd like to keep it under $200. Thanks.
I believe what you're trying to isolate is the vibration casued by the rack/floor and your environment. First you need to decouple from the rack/floor using a point which a cone or nail on 3 or 4 corners would do. You also want to let the CDP to float in order to minimize the horizontal forces. That if your can somehow let your CDP float on air would be perfect. Failing that you want to allow the whole unit to sway with as little force as possible. You have the choice of an air bladder, tennis balls or silica gel. I use hard wood sitting on round crystal. Let me know what you have settled with.
I haven't really tried many commercial isolation products. But I did some research on the internet and found a DIY project for isolation platforms. You could easily build platforms for your entire system and spend *much* less than $200. The basic ingredients are a bicycle inner tube (I used 12"), an MDF shelf (you can experiment here with various materials e.g. corian and maple), 1 QT ziplock baggies, and sand. Partially inflate the inner tube and lay it on a shelf in your rack. Place the MDF shelf on top of it and put two baggies filled about 2/3 full of sand (be sure that each baggy has an equal amount of sand) on the shelf - the baggies should be sealed with tape. Remove the stock feet from your component and place it on top of the "shelf". Place two more sand filled baggies on top of the component. Make sure the entire structure is level. Also, don't cover-up any vent holes. You can modify this isolation platform to your hearts content. Please note that I cannot take credit for this recipe. I discovered it while searching the equipment review archives at
Bill, I have also used the bicycle inner tube platform and it works fantastic. You can construct a platform that cosmetically can look nice on your rack by doing the following. I simply screwed together something like a picture frame with four pieces of wood and inflated the inner tube just about 75%. The height of the wood needs to be a bit taller that the inner tube after it is inflated. I then cut out a piece of MDF that is just a bit smaller in dimensions then the opening of the frame that you constructed. The MDF is now the platform that sits on top of the innertube. Make sure that the MDF does not touch any part of the frame and your component does not touch the frame. I would recommend a dedicated isolation system for every component that you wish to isolate. The DAC or CD player is the most important piece in your system to isolate. By the way, check out I am in the process of building a new system with them. Good Luck! Denis
Hi Bill; I recently put Townshend Seismic Sinks ($200. for two on Audiogon) under my transport and DAC (Levinson 37 & 360S). Music became tremendously detailed, but the Sinks almost completely destroyed any sense of pace, rhythm, and timing so I removed them. Levinsons feet are unique and obviously have some kind of vibration control built in, so that may have been the reason the Sinks didn't work. I then put a Sink under my SF Line 2 pre-amp and it worked great-- music clarity improved a lot and it did not affect pace, rhythm, or timing. This is a difficult area of tweaking, and a lot of trial and error and listening may be needed to find something you like. On the other hand, maybe you'll GET LUCKY right off :-) Cheers. Craig.
Innner-tubes are cool. Certainly, the CDP will be isolated from the Rack. However, the inner resonance generated from within the CDP will "bounce off" the inner-tube and back into the CDP. I subscribe to the theory used in SYMPOSIUM products. The Platforms decouple and "drain" vibration from the components. The "Super" may be in your price range. Also, SYMPOSIUM "ROLLERBALLS" will float the CDP. (Contact me if you are interesed in purchasing SYMPOSIUM products). A DYI "layered" platform could be made from: a layer of formica board (on top), under which you put a layer of partical board, under which you put a layer of "foam padding" (typically used under carpeting), under which you put another layer of formica board. Once you have isolated the Rack with a platform, then, you could put pieces of high grade 60/65 aluminum (2" wide; 6" long; 1" thick) and let the metal (on the bottom of the CDP) rest right on these pieces. The whole system could cost 15-20 bucks.
Check out recent threads on shelf material and CDP isolation.... I'm about to compare Caterham's Neuance isolation shelf ($145) to my air bladder (8" wheel-barrow type is small enough in diameter, but large enough in bore to not require an MDF plate in between (or is that part important, too??)). I'll let you know if the platform resolves top octaves better than the bladder (which, BTW, does NOT seem to destroy PRAT by itsself.) I'm curious as to whether there'll be a spectral change, too, and will keep you posted. Cheers. Ernie
I have used / use Aurios, Seismic Sinks, cones of every type, and have a set of Roller Blocks coming. Without a doubt, the best isolation device I have used for a CD player is the Machina Dynamica Nimbus. It's expensive, but is more effective than anything else I've used. It is $700 - $800 and is hard to set up, but it works very well. Check it out at I use Aurios under my pre-amp and amp. I will probably put the Roller Blocks under my P600. Just about everything seems to benefit from isolation devices. By the way, all of my Seismic Sinks had to be sent back after a couple of years to get the surface re-attached to the bladders. Michael Green Audio Points substituted for the feet on the Seismic Sink increase performance.
machinadymamica is the ultimate way to go, no question. If you are adventuraous try suspending your CDP from a sturdy rack using monofilament fishline and zip ties. Create two slings out of the fishline to hold the equip. use zip ties to attach to rack and adjsut height/level. You can add springs to further enhance isolation. Cost is inder $10 and the results are stunning. You wil then only need to dampen you equipment from airborne feedback. EAR Isodamp SD is good for this. Good luck Mr Phelps.