CD Source for Adcom Amplification


I have just purchased the Adcom GFA-5400 and the Adcom GTP-502, and am looking for a source that would match with these amps. I am using B&W DM601 (original version) speakers. I am looking for a nice detailed ,dynamic and smooth sound.

I was looking at using a DVD player as a transport for use with a DAC, but am changing my mind, and consider using a Marantz CD5000 as it has the features I like such as CD text.

I am looking for something in the $200 - $600 range and am looking at new. If you have any suggestions I would be very grateful.

In a nutshell cd player to go with my system for a smooth, dynamic, and involving sound. (either as a transport for my DAC or as a stand alone player)


To mate nicely with your system , the Adcom 750 single tray cd only unit is an underrated performer . Somewhat higher than the 600 you suggest but dont dismiss it. I pulled mine out of a cdr- playback- record system I have seperated from my high res system and traded places with my Bat vk-d5 se tube cd player and the difference wasnt as great as I had thought.
Consider the Jolida Jd100 used, Or Ah 4000 with
upsampler with these 2 players used,couple of hundred
dollar more but its worth it.IMHO only.I own the
the Ah and I heard the Jolida Jd100 its sounds
live to my ear.
Thanks guys

I will look into all of the considerations on offer here.

I will be honest.... I am a bit scared of tubes bedause of my location. I live in an area where getting tubes would be a big hassle. But I will look into them and see what can be done.

What about Arcam? Anyone heard these and found them plausible for the money?


As Brent mentioned above, the GCD-750 is not a bad player and would give you "consistent cosmetics" if that type of thing is important to you. To top it off, this player responds pretty well to modifications. Right off the bat, i would suggest a power cord upgrade as the 750 that i had here for a few days seemed to respond very noticeably to one cord in specific that i used on it. If you're a careful shopper, you can find these for about $500 on the used market. At least that's what the one i had here cost : ) Sean
To be honest,

I find the GCD 750 UGLY!!!!! I know it shouldn't matter, but I don't think it matches cosmetically with the GTP-502 at all. It has a brute retro look to it which I dont really like. The Denon DCM 380 looks a better cosmetic match to me.

Based on looks alone I would probably go for a Marantz or an Arcam. I dont know if it is still available but there was a Marantz CD-17 mkIII on here by lafish I think. Do you think that its a good deal? It is gorgeous looking and is supposed to sound pretty good! Or do you think that its too much for my setup?

Anyway thanks for the suggestions. I have not ruled any of them out for sure, for if I find a good deal on either I will most likely take it.


I am confused to be honest as to what to get.