CD-RW works on Sony 9000ES

I found a CD-RW blank that works on the Sony 9000ES player.

It is the "CD-RW Platinum" made by Memorex (650MB/74min.).

I haven't found a CD-R that works yet, but there is a difference in reflectivity between the CD-RW and most CD-R's. I got my CD-RW's at Best Buy.
Darrell: What is the price of the CD-RW's? I have a Pioneer W839 burner on the way (not certain if it will take these discs though) and am considering the 9000ES. I will be burning 200-400 cassettes to CD, to start, and the cost (per CD) is something that I need to factor in. I had thought before that I would just wait for an affordable SACD model that reads CDR's. Thanks.
I bought them in a 5-pack for about $6.
Thanks Darrell: That is approx, triple what I paid for CDR's (on sale), but still isn't bad at all.
I have tried this very CD-RW and could not get it to play. It would read the disk and knew the number of tracks--but would not play. Most of the brands just return an error. My pioneer plays just about everything (CD-R, CD-RW all brands that I have tried). I tried to find this information from Sony--they were of no help and told me it is beyond their scope. You can see their full response under "Best and Worst Customer Service" in the A-gon forums.
I just bought my Sony 9000ES, maybe mine has some updated software that allows it to read the RW's.
Could it be that the CD burner you are using is in some way compatible with the Sony, and not necessarily the discs themselves?
Bmpnyc--it could be. It's an HP CD writer plus. I don't know enough about how the hardware actually burns the CDs to know if there is a difference. It works well in the Pioneer players I've tried it in. CD-Rs work well in almost all of my CD players. So far no luck on the Sony--the software in the Sony could be the key--but Sony has offered no help in even answering my questions. I will contact the dealer and check for software updates--there weren't any posted on Sony's website.
Abstract, Please keep us posted. I plan to get a 9000ES soon, CD-RW or not, but it would sure be nice to find a "workaround".
I also have an HP CD writer Plus (9300 series) that I use to burn the CD-RW's that read and play great in my Sony 9000ES, so maybe the difference IS in our 9000ES's.
This topic has been covered in the past but it is important to repeat it. Just because a disc says Memorex doesn't mean it is made by Memorex. As a matter of fact, Memorex does not manufacture disc's. They source them out. Right now they source them out to the Taiwan manufacturer Rytek, who is known to make poor quality CDR's. Yes they may play for now, but for how long? Again, for more information on this important topic visit this site, It has losts of good information and links to other sites that will help you understand the truth about CDR's.

BTW, I stopped at a shop this past week and all my CDR's played fine in a DVD player made by NAD, for what it is worth. I'm not sure of the model but the retail price was $900.00.
I think Ranstle may have a good point here. My HP is the 8200 series--so there is a difference there. I will keep you all posted.
Thanks for the tip Ramstl.
I'll try to get over to Best Buy this weekend and buy several different brands of CD-RW's and try them all to see which ones my Sony 9000ES can read and I will report back to everyone that cares.
You are a real trooper Darrell, Best Buy drives me insane.