CD Player with Variable Outs/Volume Control

Hey looking at getting a player with variable outs to go directly into my powered Dynaudio Monitors. Just looking for some suggestions from everyone. I am familiar with the Wadia, Theta, and Linn models just curious if I am missing someone else. Thanks!
Audio Aero players, Resolution Audio Opus 21, I think some of the Cary players......this all of course depends on how much you are willing to spend and what you're looking for: I believe the Wadia players utilize a digital volume control, whereas the Opus f/ex utilizes an analog volume output. I'm not sure about the other brands. Do a search on the Gon. This subject has been discussed before at least a million times.
APL's 3910 (with AKM DACs) and APL's NWO-2.5 both have hybrid volume controls (on the remote).
There are way too many to list. You might want to narrow it down by stating your max price. Here are 3 in drastically different price ranges:

Oppo 971 DVD player $200 new
Quad 99 CDP-2 $1350 new, approx $750 used
Resolution Audio Opus 21 $3500 new, approx $2500 used

Search the archieves. The question gets asked about once every week or so....


There is a Sherwood Newcastle CD-980T for sale on Audiogon that has a variable out. These are great sounding units for not alot of money. I have 2 of them. These units have dual Burr-Brown 20-bit dacs with dual mono circuit boards.
Also you may want to check out the Music Hall Maverick. These unit also have a variable out.

Good Luck
The Granite 657 has a variable tube output.
Cary 303/300: volume control and tube or ss output.

I cant remember if the volume control is digital or analog though...
Hey thanks sorry I did not know this question gets asked alot. I am also looking for Balanced outs so that seems to narrow down the field also.
Cary 303 also has balanced outs...
Consonance Droplet 5.0
Balanced outs and variable output. Around $3K new or well under $2K used. Built like a tank, and looks that really grow on you. Downside is its BIG.
There is a balanced version of the Theta Miles CD player that does have veriable volume control. I owned one in the past. It is a good CD player, but is getting a little old.


Thanks ! I have decided to stick with a preamp for now thanks for the input guys !