CD Player with Analogue Volume Controlled Output

I'm searching for a CD player with built in analogue volume comtrol.

Many are availble with a digital volume controls like those by Linn, Cary, Oppo and others. Do any CDPs have a volume control that operates in the analogue relm so I can by-pass a preamp and feed it directly into a tube power amp?

Any modestly priced units would be a plus.
Define "modestly priced".

Two that come up off the top of my head are the Resolution Audio Opus 21 and the Audio Aero Capitole II. Both are excellent CD players, IMHO.
Ancient Audio Lektor V: excellent player but it will strain the "modestly priced" criterion, I presume. Consider it has analogue inputs as well and can actually replace a pre-amp in a small system and the price becomes a bit more palatable.
Btw if you go for the wooden version, you will need a quad of good footers in addition.
Open up your choice of CD player by considering the following passive pre with zero switches in signal path. I am very happy with it!

EAR Acute - although I wholeheartedly recommend the Ancient Audio Lektor Prime (not available in the US as far as I know).
Any of the Resolution Audio CDPs (CD-50, CD-55, Opus 21).

Alternately, a pair of EVS attenuators. These have both a male/female RCA. Plug the male end into your amps inputs and the cables from any CDPs output RCAs to the inputs of the attenuators.
These come to mind:M
cIntosh MCD500, MCD301
Levinson 39S (not sure about reliability here)
Raysonic CD168

The AA Capitole and Opus 21, both mentioned already, are said to great as well.

My two cents. Have been looking into these as well.