CD Player Recommendation: Krell or Adcom? And, which will mate well with...

Greeting folks,

Three questions regarding cd players and chemistry:

1. I'm looking at comparing the Krell KAV-250cd (original version or mkII) and the Adcom GCD-750. Anyone out there have experience with both at one time or another?  

2. Which player would best compliment my Odyssey Stratos amp and Vandersteen 2c speakers? As for preamp, I'm using an Emotiva Control Freak (balanced version). Speaker cable is Mogami for now, but will be upgrading to Discovery Essential.  

3. Other CD player recommendations for the general price range of these units? ($500ish) Must have XLR. 

As always, thanks for your comments and suggestion. 
Cambridge 840C. You might have to add a little to your budget but worth it.
The Adcom GCD-750 is a very fine sounding CDP especially for a multi disc player, although the carousel mechanism is pretty noisy.  Can't say much about the Krell but do agree about the CA 840C, I own one now and have owned two others before.