Cd mats, weights et. al.

Interested in hearing any experience you have had with cd mats, weights, etc.

I have had some players with clamps/weights, but recently heard of a tweek of placing another cd label side down on top of the cd to be played. I was very pleased with the additional information and sence of pace and ease that was created from the disk being played.

It would seem that the extra weight would ad inertia and stability that may help the laser read with less error...but I really do not know, but would think there is something better out there than placing another cd on top of the one you are playing?

...actually that should be sense....
I have had great results with the Marigo mats. You need to consider the depth of the tray as some players will not work with the mats. Make sure you can return what you purchase.
Ditto on the Marigo mat. I use the Signature 3D and it makes the music presentation more life-life. Brings out more detail and information. Years ago I used the double disc tweak that you mentioned. It works also, but in comparsion with the Marigo mat it makes a very small difference. I have tried several mats, including the Millennium carbon fiber, and the Marigo is my favorite. YMMV.
I like DeMatt very well for sound and easy of use and that it covers the edges of the disc
I owna few the Marigo was the best of the bunch but I I don't really use it as I feel it takes away most of the time.

Happy Listening.
I've been using a SID (Sound Improvement Disc) with a Herbie's Black Hole attached to the matt side. I hear more detail in the mid/upper midrange. More nuances and quieter backgrounds.