CD isolation platfroms

I'm considering an isolation platform for my Ayre C-5 XEmp. I recognize that my current equipment stand, the Salamander Designs S30, is far inferior to the more elborate equipment stands availabe but it compliments my Mac electronics quite nicely. The Ensemble Zobro isolation platform is at the top of my list but I'm looking for other suggestions/alternatives. Thanks in advance.
Check out (google) Moon Zero Gravity Magnetic Levitation Shelf. The shelf is suspended in mid air using 2 shelves with guide pins and magnets opposing each other. I think it's hogwash, being 500.00 but maybe you could make your own. Happy listening.
Stillpoints have been very helpful in my electronics isolation, I keep trying to remove them so I can sell them to pay for all my upgrades but things don't sound the same without them. Even my Audience Adept Ar6 benefits which I did not expect. Another option is Silent running audio, I have been happy with the custom TT base they designed and built for me.
I had tremendous improvement in clarity and focus by putting a First Impression Music (FIM) isolation platform (2 pieces with ball bearings in between)under a Theta Jade CD transport. Very big difference! There is one available on Audiogon right now (no affiliation).
I've found the Townsend seismic sink, either in it's new form with springs, or the older ones with an air bladder, to be more effective than anything else I have tried.
I also have a Salamander S30 rack (with side panels and a door). Besided the recommendations for isolation platforms, I'll suggest isolating the shelves from their brackets (I use some Herbie's dots), and adding mass to all of the shelves. If yours has side panels or a door, you can apply rubber tape or caulk to the seams to eliminate vibrations. Just tap on all the surfaces to figure out where it's needed.
I second the recommendation of SRA - Silent Running Audio. Kevin Tellekamp is a physicist who understands resonance and isolation. His Craz Racks, Ohio Class amp isoBASEs for my Lamm M1.2s and VR Series 3.0 isoBASE for my Ayre DX-5 have taken my system to a whole new level.

I'm sure the VR Series 3.0 isoBASE would improve your Ayre C-5xeMP as much as it improved my DX-5.
Finite Elemente has made a significant sonic improvement for me.
Another vote for SRA. I've tried quite a few isolation products that make my components sound different but the SRAs pretty consistently make them sound right. Their entry-level Tremor/Less platforms start at around $300.
I went with the Ensemble ZOBRA.

A local dealer sold me the demo at a very attrative price. Thanks for all of the informative replies.
try out the mapleshade heavyfoot. Made my cd player sound much better
A very effective and simple solution was the Symposium Roller Blocks in my case. Thankfully there was no change of tone (which happens with most of other isolation tricks) and music just increased in resolution, definition and cleanliness.