CD Cleaners/Enhancers

This is a new realm for me. I have read good things about Optrix, MAC, and the Auric Illuminator. Has anyone tried any of these (or any I may have missed)? Are the results all positive, and has anyone compared these products? Thanks.
i have to clean myself the len of my cec tl1 and the more simple thing is to clean it with a foam stick and alchool and after give a shot of air under pressure the same that they use for camera.You might try by the way the A.R.T. stuff that is suppose to do miracles.A guy by the name of libor in vancouver sale that stuff on the net.Good luck
Try the Bedini Ultra Clarifier and the Marigo Optical Boundary Fluid.
Try "Discsolution". It's quite inexpensive and works. It will tend to enhance detail in the lower treble, but without any grain or glare. For about $30, it will treat a hundred+ discs. You won't know if you like it till you try it. I think you can get it from their website of the same name. Goodluck.
Auric Illuminator.I was at a show this weekend.Many dealers where asking if my Abbey road cd was a remastered copy.They commented they had never heard it sound so good.I used the Auric.It really works 39.95 money well spent
TM is correct Auric is best CD treatment on the market, greatest effect on average recordings, more subtle on already good recordings. I also have Abbey Rd treated with Auric, very good for rock recording of that era, has occasional patched in sound effect to disrupt otherwise nice recording......miles ahead of Who & Rolling Stones recordings made at that time......BTW Galen Carol sells it for $34, Sam