Cayin a-T88, parasound halo a21 or luxman 550A II?

Driving Dali helicons 800 mk 2?
Advice about this three amps pls!
The luxman is far superior the Cayin doesn't have the bass control of the Luxman and the Luxman has way better resolution, I used to own the Cayin, and the Luxman made my Helicon 400 sound amazing.
Wow Junglern

You are launching an all out assault on trying to get info on what amps that will match your Dali Helicon 800 Mark 2s. I think the thread count on this is subject by you is into double digits. j/k ;)

I remember there were 2 threads you initiated in mid to late August where members suggested amps for your Helicon 800s Mk 2s. You haven't had any luck since then? That stinks. Maybe these speakers aren't meant for you.

How about calling dealers of Dali speakers? Maybe they can suggest an amp that would match up well with the 800 mk2s?
No comparison between Luxman and Cayin. THe Cayin sounds rough compared to the Luxman.
I was in the same boat as Junglern when I wanted to buy a preamp and power amp. It gets crazy when you have so many options, but very few that you can actually go and listen to.

I have not listened to the Cayin or Luxman. But I do have the Parasound A21 and simply luv it. Awesome amp for the price of admission. I believe they can easily drive those speakers you have. What preamp are you using in the system?
Kind of like asking, "Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry"!

You've listed a $2,000 KT-88 tube integrated, a $2,500 solid state amp that will require an undisclosed preamp, and a $5,000 solid state integrated.

The only one I'd choose is the Cayin, because I'm partial to tube amps. I'll just add that if you're seriously considering the Cayin, consider the A-70T instead of the A-88t. I've owned both and much prefer the A-70T. The fact that the 2.5x the cost Luxman is better is of no surprise or consequence to me as it's clearly outside my pay-grade!
I sold my parasound A21and my JC2 pre amp, i felt for the Luxman with the Dalis,
i am still keeping the Cayin but i dont really enjoy the sound, i want to sell it as well.
i am down sizing my gear.

maybe its not ab good match for the helicons.

Luxman 550 AII super piece in looks and sound plus phono,