Parasound A21+ or Emotiva XPA-DR2

Choice amplifier for a modest two channel setup.
Do you go for 160w/ch A21 with greater detail sound?
Do you go for 550w/ch DR2 for the punch and impactful sound?
Speakers in play are Paradigm Tributes. Speakers and room work either way.
Which way would you go and why?

(I've looked long and hard and can't find a hint of an actual review on the Emotiva DRs at all. They've been out for a while now.)

Thanks for helping out!
I've heard good things about Emotiva, but the one processor I had from them was horrible.
I've owned 2 A21's and they were really sweet, warm, delightful amps.

My mistake. Should have said A23+ (not A21+) v. XPA-DR2
I can acquire either amp for the exact same price.
Sorry, OP! I made the same mistake!! :-)
I owned the smaller version, that's about the same size as the preamps.

Anyone else have any thoughts on this choice or other amps in the price range to consider?