Cary V12R - is it "bridgeable"?

i am pleased with my new Cary V12R power amp, but have been wondering if i can "bridge" it and use it as a monoblock. i could then go out on the 'gon and get another V12R, and bridge that one also. i thought this would be a more cost effective option than selling the amp and buying a new pair of V12 monoblocks, which i rarely see on audiogon.

i looked all over the Cary website and also in my V12R owners manual, but could not find any info on this topic.

call cary. i'm sure for a nominal fee they can do the job for you.
How about Cary's recommendation; tweeters/mid on triode, woofers on ultra-linear in a verticle bi-amp scenario. Better than the mono-block according to Cary.
Hello Rob, call Kevin, he'll take care of you, maybe better than calling direct to Cary. Or you could just cut out that step & go right to the 805 monos :) Btw, the tubes arrived as promised thanks.
another option that i had been considering was a move to the AES Six Pac. word on the street is that they are simply a monoblock version of the V12R.

anyone ever had the opportunity to compare the V12R to the Six Pac?