A 5 Channel Amp that is bridgeable?

I'm seeking suggestions for a five channel amp that is bridgeable.

My current thinking is to have a front L & R & C utilizing a five channel amp and bridge the left and right speaker. Why? I'm purchasing power hungry speakers and I'm not concerned with having rear speakers - which is why I want a five channel amp with the capability to bridge.

Thank You
Don't bridge the mains, bi-amp them. Most bridged amps don't sound as good due to production tolerances / slight channel imbalances from channel to channel. Just make sure that the speakers can be safely bi-amped as some speakers with dual binding posts are strictly there for looks and to cater to marketing hype. Sean
Parasound HCA 1206 is a 6 channel THX amplifier; 135 wpc/8 ohms, 200/4 ohms...4 of the 6 channels are bridgeable for 350 watts which could give you two channels with 350 watts and the other two with 135 watts. Each of the six channels has its own volume control on the rear panel.

I steal at the typical used price of 800; retail was 2000. A John Curl design.
Try the Classe CAV 150 6 channel amp. It is bridgeable with 150 watts @ 8 ohms and 300 watts @ 4 ohms.