Cary slp-98p tube phono tube recommendations?

Hi every one I am looking to upgrade my tubes for my new Cary Audio slp-98p with phono.
I had just replaced the 12AX7 to JJ electrics from the original chines brand. Which the JJ's sound nice but lack the low end bass I think. Would a matched set of gold lion 12AX7 ann 12AU7 be a good choice for the phono preamp tubes, and my new ortofon bronze 2m.  
let me Know your thoughts and recommendations.
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I think the Russian version of the Gold Lion (there's also a "licensed" Chinese version I haven't heard) 12AX7s are a bargain…nice tight sound and reliability, seemingly flawless build quality. 
You've asked this question before, if you search the forum there are a lot of recommendations.