Cary Rocket 88R F1 with the KEF LS 50 speakers.

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this combination?
My PreAmp is a Cary SLP 98L (Gain 20db)
I have a small listen room with great acoustics 16w x 12d x 8h
I was wondering if the (30W Class A Triode mode) or the (60w A/B Ultra Linear Pentode Mode) will be enough power for a speaker rated 85 DB sensitivity?
Triode is probably my preferred mode but I am worried it will not be enough for the KEF's ?

I listen to mostly Classical and Jazz but the Black keys and Talking Heads get loud sometimes as well.

On another note,
Can anyone suggest a site (maybe this one) or a forum that will educate me on the different tube choices and different tube characteristics for the SLP-98 and Rocket 88R F1?

thank you in advance for any help.
It wont work. I tried my v12i with set of Kef reference towers rated at 89db/4 ohm and got almost no volume at all.

your Kefs will most likely need 100 minimum tube amps even with classical and jazz to get any kind of bass.
Thank you for your response, that's what I thought might be the case.