Cary Rocket 88's Cat Eyes

I'm wondering if anyone can tell me about those cat eyes on the front panel. I'm wondering why I have to crank the volume all the way and can still barely hear it. Everything is plugged properly and still no volume. The manual says:
It's brand new.Do I have to wait for power to increase? First time I've seen this.
Any help would be appreciated...
The cat's eye tube (1629) used in Cary amps do not influences the sound of the amps, they are merely an output level display. I am not sure I fully understand your question, is your amp not producing any sound/output?
Brf is correct, the cats eyes on the front of the amp are only there for decoration. If you have no sound, there is something wrong!
Thanks for the replies. There is no sound from the speakers.I tried XLR as well as RCA..still nothing. I switched out the speaker wire..still nothing. I re-read the manual..still nothing. My Preamp(ARC LS17) was working perfectly with my other tube amp. I don't now, it should work. All the right toggles were switched,i.e speaker nominance,etc. No sound except when the volume is almost maxed out which is not right. Speakers are very easy to drive.
Any suggestions..
Are all the tubes lit up? Are you getting any sound at all? Have you checked the fuse? Does your CD player have a variable out that is turned down? If your CD player has a variable output, try hooking up the CD player (with volume all the way down) directly to the amp.
have you checked the fuses for the power output tubes?
I'd probably stop trying to use it for now, & call Cary Monday morning. And the dealer.
I'll take your advice and call on Monday.
This may soud silly but it happened to me.Is there a mute button depressed somewhere?Good luck.
Do both of your Bias LEDs lite up? If not; your output tube bias is not properly adjusted(a possibilty, if the 1/2A, fast-blo B+ fuses are both good).
Both bias lights light up red. No mute button on amp. Will re-check bias..
The LED's are red.The manual does'nt say which colour they shold be though as long as they're lit.
Hey Commonone69, what did Cary say?
Have the tubes test first,then check power transformer,then output transformer.Check only with ordinary ohmmeter for continuity.