Is my Cary Rocket 88R running abnormally hot?

I just purchased my second 808R so am somewhat familiar with its operation but I guess I paid little attention to the issue of how hot it became during its operation. The sound is fine but it gets hot enough at the forward 1/3 of the chassis that you can't leave your hand on it for more than a few seconds while the rear 2/3 and transformer cans are simply warm. I probably wouldn't have become concerned had it not been for the fact that the previous owner had modified the forward portion of the chassis to provide enhanced ventilation, assuming that he was also concerned that it might be running abnormally warm. It's connected to B&W CDM1's in my second system, I listen at low to moderate volumes and its placement is well ventilated. I've been using it in triode class A mode which may account for some of this heat and I haven't yet used the meter for bias adjustment.  Is there good reason to be concerned or is this a normal condition for this model amp?