Cary MB CAD 500 amp

Why isn't cary building on a really good product? The Cary MB 500 is such an excellent amp?
They mainly do tubes. Why do they have to build on something that is this good?
I don't understand the question? Do you mean why have they 'stopped' building this product?
Macd, Typically companies build\make improvement on existing equipment. For instance, Cary could have "Cary MB CAD 600 amp" or "Cary MB CAD 1000 amp".
This may include better power supply, 600 or 1000 watts version, bigger/better transformer etc. basically an improvement over the initial version.
Why does a company discontinue a product? In some cases because a new design exclipses the old design, or it just didn't sell well in the first place. I can't answer this for sure in the case of the Cary CAD-500MB, but it could very well be because it didn't sell well. So, if that was the case, why would they build on it with a 600MB, 1000MB, etc? With that said, when I sold Cary products, I really liked the CAD-500MB. They were very good monoblocks.

Perhaps the two-channel audiophile wasn't convinced that a primarily tube manufacturer could make a good solid-state amp (which would have been a mistake), and perhaps the home theatre buyers didn't want stacks of monoblocks to run their setup. Just guesses.
Everest, You make a good point. I think it probably did not sell, b'cus besides the review on 10audio, its hard to find other reviews on it.
Is this its replacement?

The new Model 1.600 is a mono power amplifier rated at 600 watts into an 8 ohm load. With a 1500VA universal voltage dual primary transformer, there are four independent power supplies within the Model 1.600, one for each rail of each amplifier channel. The power supply also incorporates inrush current limiting that is switched out after a short time period once the amplifier has been powered on. This allows the amplifier to not cause brown outs when switched on, but pull the high currents necessary for proper performance when in operation. On the audio input section, the Model 1.600 utilizes the THAT Corporation 1200-Series In-Genius™ high-CMRR (Common Mode Rejection Ratio) input stage which feeds the new National Semiconductor LME49811 High Fidelity Power Amplifier Input Stage. The LME49811 chip drives the final, balanced bias circuit and a triple output stage yielding an unprecedented low noise level, superb balance, and extraordinary power levels.
Could be, yea baby, time to upgrade. wife approval first though LOL.
"Perhaps the two-channel audiophile wasn't convinced that a primarily tube manufacturer could make a good solid-state amp (which would have been a mistake)...."

Conrad Johnson I believe may have gone thru a similar situation with the CJ Premier 350 amplifier. Some feel at the time this was the finest amp ever produced by CJ. Was it dropped due to a stigma attached by being produced by a mfr that produces tube audio gear products or due to cost? Some have reported the latter is the real culprit but I wonder.
I hate that they are coming out with a newer model that I will be impelled to buy since I have loved my MB500's so much. Dang IT!!!

The 500MB is by far my favorite amp with Maggies.
Macdadtexas, no need to think about replacing your 500MB's if you like them that much. A good amp is a good amp ... regardless of whether there is a new model or not.
Everest_Audio, by your statement you obviously think you are on another website.

AudioGon Mantra: "If what I have sounds great, something else, newer, will sound GREATER!"
LOL Macdad, this is the diseases we all have.
There is sth in the 500MB that makes it sound trully great on electrostatic speakers - I have loved mine with AudioStatic panels. The guy from 10audio who reviewed them, also used panel speakers.