Cary CAD 120s MkII vs. Music Reference RM200 MkII

Has anyone had a chance to compare the Cary CAD 120 MkII and the Music Reference RM200 MkII?

I have a pair of Joseph Pulsars that Stereophile reviewed with the RM200 but am torm between which of the 2 amps would be best for me. I am wondering how much the 2 amps will differ in sound.

I like the ultralinear/triode option on the Cary, which the Music Ref. doesn't have.

It depends on the gain in the preamp. I'm getting a Cary CAD 120s back tomorrow and since I have the Cary SLP 98P preamp that has a high gain in it I was advised to get Cardas Caps and new hexfreds in order to achieve better sound rather than upgrading to the MK II. What pre are you using? In Triode if the meters aren't moving, the amp plays in class A which is pretty loud in a 14x15 room. Best of luck.
I ordered the SLP 98 with all the upgrades with the MkII with the hexfreds and Jensen caps upgrades. I also have the McIntosh C48 preamp modified by the Upgrade Company to switch off.

My room is only 10x10 with one side open to a stairwell, so I have to play with the balance to achieve proper listening conditions.
It should work well since you have independant balance controls on the 98.
Thanks! Will keep you posted.
I had Roger upgrade my Music Ref with the KT 120 tubes.

I set the Music Reference up with the Josephs and let it burn in for about 50 hrs (as per Roger). And I am tickled pink, to say the least! So far I have heard things that I never have from my system. I have been an avid Beatles fan for 35 years now, and am just discovering the details and nuances that have been hidden all these years. The Love album ( a true masterpiece by the Martins) has more than come alive.

There definitely is a synergy between the Josephs and the MR 200 MkII.

I am skeptical now about using the Cary! Oh, the dilemmas of an obsessive audiophile!

To be continued...maybe!
In the Stereophile review it notes that there are no blue LEDs with the Music Ref amp...shocking.
Wouldn't the RM-9 be more comparable to a Cary? Course you can't get one new but Roger has them.