C J Premiere 11A versus Music Reference RM200

I currently have a CJ 11A driving a pair of two -way speakers with a Scanspeak woofer and tweeter. I am moving to a larger room and have to change speakers to a two-way with an MTM configuration which has an impedance down to four ohms. I don't think the CJ amp will drive this speaker very well with the low impedance so I am thinking of going to the hybrid Music Reference RM-200. My question is: will the Music Reference amp drive a two-way speaker with an impedance that drops to four ohms and how does the sound quality of the Music Reference amp compare to the CJ amp? Is this a good amp swap or are there better alternatives that won't break the bank? Thanks for any advice given. George
The Eleven-A should do very well at driving your 4-Ohm speaker unless it is short on power in the larger room. The Eleven can be wired for full power into 2, 4, 8, or 16 Ohms and comes from the factory wired for 4. The RM-200 is a fine-sounding amp but has only 1.5dB more power than the Eleven. A 120WPC Quicksilver V4 has 2.3dB more power and PROBABLY will sound a little louder.

I'd try the Eleven before buying a new amp...but probably you WANT to buy a new amp, right? That's why many of this call this 'hobby' an obsession.

I'd 1st consider this V4, http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/auc.pl?ampstube&1124336073&1123222149 . ENDS TODAY!
One option is to pick up a set of autotransformers from Paul Speltz.
They effectively increase the ohm load the amp sees.
I used a pair between a Music Reference RM-10 35 watt amp and a 4 ohm MTM configured monitor to decent effect.
The 11A is one excellent amp. We still keep looking, but sometimes what we want is right in our back yard.

I have the rm200, driving speakers as low as 2 ohms is no problem at all, it has 100w/channel and a tremendous dynamic headroom. Very musical indeed but not quite as harmonically fleshed out as the conrad johnson.With a warm sounding preamplifier e.g conrad johnson it should sound better in the tonality department. I am led to believe from all the reviews I have seen that the antique soundlab hurricane could also be exactly what you are looking for.
Thanks guys. I didn't realize that the CJ could drive a four ohm speaker. I think I'll take your advice Jeff and try it first with the new speaker. I'm really not looking for an excuse to spend more money and I am very happy with the CJ. I can always swap amps later if it dosen't have enough power. Thanks again. George
A wise decision IMO, George. I sure had the hots for a pair of QS V4s while I was waiting for my Eminent Tech. 8s. The 8s are even-less sensitive than my Quad 989s, and I suspected...wanted?...them to require more power than my much-loved ASL Explorer 805s. Almost bought the V4s that closed yesterday here for only $2160. However, the 805s sound JUST fine on the MR/treble of the 8s, so no new amps for me!
the RM200 actually puts out 145watts into 4ohms. The CJ will have a warmer presentation, the Music Reference will command control of the bass and provide the liquidity and soundstaging you expect but without the extreme warmness of the CJ. Amazing Air and Detail. A true Bargain amplifier. I owned the RM9 Mk1 also and ran 84dB eff Magnepan IIIa's without a problem.

But listen First!