Music Reference RM200 - Running so hot

Hi all,

I recently purchased RM200 from an Audiogoner.
What a great amp!! I definitely brought up my Harbeth speakers to another level.

My only concern is that the amp runs so hot. I had Cary V12 (runs 12 EL34) before but it wasn't this hot. Is it normal for KT88 based amps? I cannot touch the panel after 3 hrs of play.

Thanks for you help in advance.
Why not ask Rodger Himself?
How high is the bias set comes to mind.His stuff is supposed to be pretty cool running I thought.The one I had was though it was a RM 10 Mk 11.Sal at MR is real quick on answering emails,good luck,Bob
Call RAM as suggested and give them the serial number. They will take over from there.
I would look at the bias as well. This is a hybrid amp and I've listened to Roger's personal RM-200 and never got the impression it was an amp that ran hot. My RM-10 MkII runs cool with very little stress on the tubes.
I have an RM9MKII and after 3 hours of play I can't leave my hand on the top plate either. Going on over 12 years now with nary a hiccup. My feeling is if the output tube plates aren't glowing I wouldn't be overly concerned, but you should check your bias with a good digital meter. Couldn't hurt to shoot Roger an email though.
Thanks a lot.
Had to change a couple of tubes due to gas leaking problem.
But, happy ever after that... It's a great amp!!! Keeper for long long time.