Cartridges for Rega P5, RB700

Looking to trade up next year, have been using Exact 2. Looking to spend around 1,000 ish.
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I'm using a Shelter 501 in a P5. It's a good MC. I'm not convinced yet that it is better than mounting a Rega cart on a Rega arm. I like the synergy you have.
Dear Yesrogers: There are several options and IMHO maybe you can do better with a MM cartridge like Nagaoka, Ortofon or B&O, you can read more about here:

Regards and enjoy the music.
Unless you have the preamp to go with MC, try the Ortofon 2m Black. I'm using this on my p3-24 with the TTPSU. This is a very nice MM Cart, with same shibata stylus they put on their jubilee cart (and costs a LOT more). Mounts perfect on the rega arm with a 2mm spacer.