Michell Tecnoweight + RB700 Tonearm - Reversible??

Howdy Everyone,

In a few days, I'll be getting a Rega P5 that has the Michell Tecnoweight already installed in the RB-700 tonearm.

Can anyone tell me if the Tecnoweight can be uninstalled easily?

Basically, I just want to try the RB-700 with its original Rega counterweight, if that's possible.

Any help is most appreciated!
yes, you can easily remove the Tecnoweight.
Tecnoweight can be removevd easily but the question is why would you want to go back to stock Rega counter weight?

I was simply curious to see how the Rega stands on its own without the frills - and it's also a way to confirm if the Tecnoweight is a truly audible difference.

Is it easy to put the original Rega "stub" (I think that's what they call it) back into the tonearm?

If there's some sort of risk of damage, I will probably leave the Tecnoweight in...
Yes , generaly they are easy to remove. However the possibilty of damage is always there on how you handle the arm itself and how much force it takes to get it started moving. The stubs in the regas have been known to be occaissionly stubborn but not always. I,d leave it, and leave curiosity to the cat ! Cheers
I agree with the advice in leaving the technoweight on it. I had a P25 and added the technoweight and of all the upgrades I did to that TT the Techno was the most revealing. Much better bass extension and definition.
I can tell you without going through the change, you will be adding the technowight back. The risk you run in any damage to the gimble bearings is not worth any curiousity that may be satisfied.
Great table by the way you will love it. What cart are you going to use. I found Lyra to be very open and detailed yet clinging to the musical truth.

Hey Theo,

Thanx for the safety warning! Most likely I'll stick with my Dynavector 10X5 for a cartridge...I'm very happy with the sound of the Dyna, and from what I've read, it's a very sensible match with the P5.
I took my Tecnoweight off a RB600 and replaced with the stock. No damage. No audible difference. Sold the Tecno Weight and am happy with stock Rega counterweight.

I hear diffs between cables, cartridges, speaker wire, and even subplatters. But not so much with the counterweight. it *looked* much cooler, but otherwise... didn't work for me.