RB700 w/ Super Elys... cartridge alignment needed?

I know Rega thinks that their 3-hole mounting system means that no alignment is needed (when using a Rega cartridge), but is this true? It seems there is still some room for the cart to wiggle a bit in the headshell prior to tightening.

Do I not need to worry about this, or should I pick up an alignment tool to be sure? If needed, can anyone recommend an accurate solution for my setup?
I have a rega P-5 with the Super Elys. My experience is the 3 hole system and Rega cartridges are "MADE For each other". The mounting is simple, and my alignment protractor shows near ideal alignment. The system gets you so close that the miniscule 'fiddlin' with it may not mean to much other than alot more grief. The Rega tables are the only ones that I know of that give you really easy set up, plug and play if you will, great sound!
Thanks... I'm still trying to figure out why I get occasional distortion and clicking in the right channel (figured it could be cartridge alignment, but maybe not).