Cartridge Suggestions for a Newbie

Hello. Could somebody suggest some decent cartridges to purchase. I haven't owned vinyl in over 20 years and am trying to set up a source. I'd like something decent, but one that won't put too big of a bite in my pocket book.
how much do you want to spend, and what's your system?
Without knowing where it's going it is difficult to recommend something. Give us a few more details, and you'll be able to get the help you want.
for 50 bucks a grado black....

100 > 200 denon dl160

200 > 300 denon dl103, denon dl103r, shure v15mxv

300 > 600 dynavector 10x5, dynavector dv20xh and dv20xl

there are so many..more info needed
Sorry about that guys. I run Naim gear. I am likely looking to purchase either a Linn LP12 or a Thorens turntable. The tone arms and cartridges are item that I am looking for help and guidance on. Thanks.
The 200-300 Denon's are a good deal. I'm not as sure about the Shure. If you're going a little higher check out the Shelter 501, or for a little less the 301. There's some good recommendations there.
Depending on your budget I would suggest there are better tables out there than an old fashioned three point suspended and very polite belt drive from the UK. The fully upgraded Linn LP12 is nice but way overpriced IMHO.

That Bluenote table/arm at 650/BO is a great entry level table and pretty nice looking, too.

Brand new Scheu Cello belt drive table with rb250 landed for less than a grand; same bearing as the much more expensive Premier II.

The Ariston with the Shelter cartridge and SME arm at 400 is not too shabby, either.

Shure V15mxv is a great cartridge especially if you have a relatively low mass arm.
I have a Shure V15mxr on my LP12. I don't have the want to screw around baby-sitting MC carts and the Shure sounds very listenable. Even if I upgraded the arm , I'd likely keep the Shure. The onlt issue I have with Shure is the brush, with adds static, so I keep it up and out of the way and set the weight to 1.25. Works fine. Have fun.
I went from a Shure V15Vmr to a Benz Micro Glider on my LP12/Lingo/RB300. I liked the Glider's improved top end but I missed the bass. Next was a Cardas Heart Reference, which is a better Benz, built to Cardas specs. Bass was back!

Now I have a Koetsu Rosewood Signature and I really have to upgrade my tone arm. Well, it will be worth it.

The Dynavector 10x5 and 17D2 are also very nice-sounding cartridges in their respective classes.

Of course a phono stage now has to be figured into the equation. Since you're into Naim, you're in luck. The Stageline has had very good things said about its sound (in the late lamented Listener, I recall) and it doesn't cost a whole lot to try. The guys at Listener found a hummy one, though, so you might watch out for that.
Well Gethca, you didn't state a price point.
The new giant killer is the Origin live silver Tonearm with a shelter 501 mc cartridge.
[Do some research in the archives here on agon lots to read on this topic]
You can get these as I did and never look back. While youÂ’re at it why not get the origin live Aurora table as well. Origin live makes motor and speed controller replacements for the lp-12 that really improve its performance. I figured why fix a Linn just get a new Origin live table.

Tobias, I'm surprised that you don't hear strong bass from the Glider. I get very good bass from mine but perhaps it is a synergy thing. The trick for me is to get that bass from my 103r. I think it is there for the most part, I just haven't found the best loading and VTA for it yet.

Getcha, if you are thinking about changing tables you may want to think about doing that before you buy a cartridge. The table and arm are very important to getting the most from any cartridge and you also want to avoid any mis-matches.
Dan_ed, perhaps I could have been a little more specific. Bass from the Glider was more tuneful but less powerful than it had been from the V15 I'd had previously. I was not unhappy with it really, but when a pal brought over the Cardas Heart and set everything up for a listen, the difference was so marked that I just went for the new cart.