cartridge installation on Nottingham TT

Some people have said the tonearm wires are very fragile on these tables. I'm not very experienced at installing cartridges but was considering buying a Nottingham 294 and doing it myself. Has anyone out there installed on this or any other nottingham table as a novice?
Most people break the tonearm wires that attach to the cartridge by trying to install the tonearm wire clip on to the cartridge pins. It is very easy to slip, and rip off and destroy the wire a you push the wire onto the pins of the cartridge. It is much safer to hold the wire with a long nose pliers, or even your fingers if you can, and push the pins of the cartridge on to the wire. Then mount the cartridge into the headshell.
Yep, I did it and it was no problem. Just make sure you get a good pair of tweezers and pull on only the connector. You'll be fine. Then again if you feel you are clumsy with small intricate things you might want to get a friend to help. I helped a friend today change a cart on his Audioquest tonearm and I marveled at how much more substantial his connectors were.