Cartridge for Acoustic Signature Turntable with TA-2000 arm

I really thought I was done with analog. But, I like the look of the Acoustic Signature Storm Turntable.
Dealer said I needed to do some research on cartridges.
To be honest, I have been out of the Vinyl game for decades and I am a bit lost on what has been going on.
I still own a Linn Axis with whatever cartridge and arm it came with-whatever it is is probably the lowest end of the line.

So, if I do make this move:
Is it one that makes sense?
Should I look at other tables?

I own Ayre MX-R's and Atma Sphere MA-1's. An 
MP-3 preamp as well as a KX-R. ( All the Ayre are non Twenty).

Vandy Treo's and Subs.
Any ideas on what a good cartridge would be for this combo?
Thanks Bob
The TA 2000 is a fine arm. It is on the lighter side so it should work well without adjustment with medium compliance cartridges like the Lyras, Clearaudios, and Ortofons with the exception of the Anna which would require the addition of some weight along with the Koetsus and Airtights.
With the equipment you have I would be inclined to go with a Lyra, Atlas or Etna. The Ortofon Windfeld Ti would be another great option.
Thanks for the detailed response! 
I am kind of shooting in the dark here.
BTW- Did you ever get the Atma Sphere Amps?