Cart recommendations for Fidelity Research FR-64S


I have a Fidelity Research FR-64S mounted as a second arm on a Clearaudio Innovation Wood Compact. I wanted to use this arm as a multi purpose arm so I can play 78RPM records, mono 33s and lastly stereo 33s.

I was thinking of buying the Ortofon SPU series of carts as a starting point.
First, the 78RPM, then down the road a bit a mono SPU, and even further down the road a stereo SPU.

My thinking here was that to switch back an forth between these respective headshells It would require little to no work resetting arm weight and VTA.

The FR-64S did come with the original Fidelity Research headshell which weighs 20.7 grams. It also came with an Orsonic AV-101S headshell which weighs 14.5 grams and also a SAEC headshell which weighs 10.4 grams, so all of these are options.

I am very open to your thoughts and suggestions here as I am a novice with the higher end of audio and analog.

Thank you in advance.
Congratulations on procuring one of the great arms in analogue history.
Changing headshells is a breeze and whilst some find the original FR headshells very heavy......I find that they mate well, especially with the heavier LOMC cartridges out there.
Whilst the FR-64s is a high mass arm theoretically suited to low compliance cartridges.......I, and several other users......have found this arm to be a surprisingly fine match to many of the vintage high compliance MM cartridges. In this respect, the heavy FR series of headshells will help keep the arm counterweight within reasonable limits.
The lighter headshells also work very well in my experience but if mated with a light MM may not have be able to balance the arm with the stock counterweight?
Good luck and enjoy.
Thanks Halcro,

I forgot to mention I also have a lighter counterweight coming soon. the guy who gave me the arm just has to dig it out.

What do you use with your arm?
I have both the FR-64s and FR-66s and use the FR-7f, Dynavector XV-1s and ZYX UNIverse for LOMCs.....but then I have about 20 other vintage MM cartridges. You can look on my Systems Page :^)
There are two extra weights for the FR-64. 170 and 190 gr.
if I remember well. Regarding the arm mass: the lighter the
headshell the smaller the mass and (contra intuitive) the
heavier the weight the smaller the mass ( closer to the pivot).


I had a look at your system list - very impressive!

But I need to stay away from the multi thousand dollar carts in order to stay married :)

Any experience with an Ikeda 9C? I can buy a NOS version with all packaging for $400.00.

Also any advice for 78RPM and mono carts would be good as I actually want to start with these first unless a great deal gets in the way of this idea :)

Anyone familiar with the new Ortofon SPU line?
I use Dynavectors with great results on my FR-64fx.
I particularly like the 17D. It has a lovely musicality to it, it was not at all rounded off and the price is just right.
I would also suggest one of the MM carts from The Soundsmith. Maybe the Aida Ebony. These are some seriously musical machines built by one of the great cartridge designers.
Disclaimer...I use a StrainGauge......and absolutely love it!
Whatever you chose, know you have one of the all time classic arms which will bring you much music while being easy to set and forget.
Dear Mauidj et al,
FWIW, The Soundsmith cartridges, other than the strain gauge ones, are moving iron (MI) types, not MM. Peter Ledermann would not want that to go unsaid, as he is a proponent of MI as well as of the strain gauge.
Any experience with an Ikeda 9C?

The 64s is T-H-E Arm for it.
This cantilverless design from Ikeda demands highest Standard for bearing and Energy Transfer.
Not sure if the 9C is in the same leaque as the other cantileverless Ikeda carts but for $400 it looks to me like 'the bargain of the year'. You can even earn $200 profit without any effort by (re)selling the cart to me.

Just found out it is a Ikeda 9C III.
For both Mono and stereo, try Miyajima labs cartridges.
They are working amazing with the Ikeda's, probably will do the same job with the FR's


Thanks for the advice! I actually came to this decision myself through much searching. It's nice to hear somebody echo my thoughts R.E. the Miyajima carts.
Thank you