Cardas Neutral Ref IC V Cardas Cross

Wondering if anyone has compared these two. I have an Exposure 2010S , Sony SACD XA 777ES and use AP Oval 9. Just would like to verify what i am hearing. Thanks,keith
Can't say I've heard the Cross but I was so disappointed with the neutral ref that I gave up on Cardas (for me an extreme roll off in the high and low ends). From other responses that I've read the cross and especially and golden cross is a huge step up. Also I haven't heard the oval's either. Just my honest opinion on the NR's.
I am finding the cross to have a larger stage and not to be quite so analytical. NR is a detail machine but very clean. The croos also seems as if the bass is stronger. keith
I've had all of Cardas products in my system including the Ayre Cables that they make for Ayre. I found that all Cardas in MY system (yours can and probably will be different) that the soundstage is greatly truncated...flat with little height. The main problem is that there is significant grain throughout the sound spectrum. I found Cardas power cables to be the absolute worst in MY system. My change to Anti-Cables revealed a revelation in sound.
I have tried anti cables speaker cables twice. They are made 10 mimutes from me. They are great for the money or even beyond BUT seveal of us noticed they do no have much sense of the venue or the spaxe the performance is taking place in. Not sure about the ICs keith