Cardas Cross vs. Kimber Silver Streak

Anybody have experience with both of these interconnects?

I have the Silver Streaks and am considering the Cross. The Silver Streaks are good - very detailed, extended, well defined, and tight - but sometimes I feel they are a tad cold/shrill for my tastes and want something equally detailed and open but a little warmer.
If you like the Kimber products why not try the Kimber Hero which now comes in a hybrid and silver versions. The Hero might be what you looking for. The Cardas Cross is a great cable with a mellow musical sound which can be forgiving in some systems.

Try the JPS LAbs Superconductor 3 or Q. They have all you're looking for - a detaild, dynamic yet rich sound with openness and clarity the others cannot touch. They smoked my Silver Streaks.
I would suggest the "Midnight Silver" from Ridge Street audio..Best of both worlds.Detail of silver and sweetness of Copper...
Thanks for the replies. I picked up the Cross as well as MAC Mystics. I like the MAC the best among the 3.

The Cross is certainly smooth, but a little TOO smooth - perhaps a bit veiled/smeared - and I found the bass to be boomy compared to the other 2. Although the midrange/vocals had a particularly airy quality to them, they just weren't as focused as with the others.

The Silver Streaks are very clear and detailed, but again a little hard and edgy. I guess that's the signature of silver.

The MAC is somewhere in the middle. It is also smooth, but in a different way than the Cross. Each instrument and voice is better defined, and each instrument and voice has a smooth and warm-ish quality whereas with the Cross the stage as a whole is smooth and warm. I think this gives the Cross a "bigger" sound/sound stage, but the Mystics are definitely more controlled and balanced. Bass is much cleaner with the MACs; I can say that with certainty.

This has gotten me very interested in other MAC products given their great prices here. But, there is a whole wide world of cable companies out there so the quest continues.

JPS Labs is interesting as their sound seems like a match for me, from what I've read, and they are purportedly used internally in the Usher BE-718, which is my next speaker. Think I'll try the Superconductor 3 after the MAC reference IC.

I will also give the Ridge Street Audio Midnight Silver a whirl if I can find a 2nd hand pair.
In my system any Cardas cable simply chokes it with no depth, or air. It also adds a grainy texture. This is in direct opposition to what the manufacturer of my components tell me...just shows to go ya.
I used the Ridge Street Audio Midnight Silver for quite awhile before going to Poiema and I found it to be very similar Poiema with just a hint of sweetness..Exceptional cable for $$$$.....
try the kimber ks 1016, its like hero on steroids. Lots of detail. I agree with the criticisms of the Cross, it is smooth but smears the images and to my hears, too flawed. Its only good for taming super bright systems.
I agree with the verdict about Cross. I personally use Crosslinks at this time but I did audition the Cross cables on my rig and they both have a similar non-detailed sound. I was expecting a lot more as per the website info and everytime I put in a cd I am familiar with I keep coming up short on sound. I'm always just shy of being wowed. I'm going to try the Moon-Audio Silver Dragon interconnects and Digital cable with the WBT silver connectors. Those look like a solid bet. Resolution is a must.