Can't drive Proac Studio 110 with low budget amps

Hi from Russia

I have problems driving my Proac Studio 110 with mid power amps. I tried Marantz 6003 and Rotel 972, both produce bass-less sound, that is they play around 25% of what should be played below 100 Hz. Phasing is correct, I tried different cables, sources.

I don't think the amps I have tried are good match for the Proacs but I assume they must play bass (of whatever quality, at the moment I don't care). Naim nait 5i is less powerful than the Rotel but it is said to be a good match for the Proacs. Arcam budget amps owners reported they were able to drive Proacs well.

Are my speakers misfunctioning?
First I'd try moving the speakers closer to walls and reflecting surfaces, which may re-inforce bass. Secondly, these speakers deserve better amplification than some mid-fi receiver. Try a seperate power amp. You should be able to get by with at least 100 wpc. Remember, a 100 wpc amp will sound very different than a 100 wpc 7X100 AV receiver. My 100 wpc amp weighs in at 85 pounds, it has a much stiffer power supply than any receiver, and does not run out of steam when pushed.
200 wpc may do even better for the ProAcs.
Thats what I am going to do: find a powerful amp for a test. One thing that confuses me a lot is the fact that several people told me their 50 watt amps can drive Proacs pretty well (Audiolab,Naim,Arcam). Also, placement is not an issue here, I can see that the woofer is barely moving when it is supposed to really do a hard job.
With a lot of speakers it is not so much the raw power available, like for example 200wts at 8 ohms, as it is the current delivery to speakers with lower impedences i.e. 4 ohms and below. Amps which double power output at 8 ohms when it droops to 4 ohms or lower, are a good candidate for success. Those which do not may well have difficulty driving your Proac's I suspect (I've never seen the actual impedence curve of your speakers).

Re raw power - 50wt amps which double from 8 to 4 ohms will sound more powerful than their actual wattage suggests especially if your speakers have an efficiency of 90+db. If you don't listen to them excessively loud in a medium size room you could probably drive speakers with a 86db efficiency. I've used an loved high current 50wt amps with 86 db speakers with difficult impedence curves in a medium size room.

FWIW, I've never had Proac's in my home.
Jmcgrogan2 is correct about the mid-fi receiver. Not enough current. Dynaudios are oft difficult to drive well. A Rega Brio R (50wpc) will drive them decently or a Maia lll will really kick them around. They also really like tubes such as the Manley Stingray (50wpc Class A).
The difference between a 50 wpc amp and a 100 wpc amp is 3 db. Since the ProAc's are not really efficient speakers, I'd recommend going with at least 100 wpc. 50 wpc may cut it in a small room though. The bigger the room, the more amp power is required.
If you say the woofer is barely moving when it should be rocking, I'm led to wonder whether your AV receiver has some low frequency crossover filter that is rolling off the lows for a subwoofer. A real preamp/amp setup should eliminate that issue. Hopefully there is no damage to the drivers themselves.