Can my speakers be connected to my TV?

How is the above done? Can speaker cables be run directly into my TV WITHOUT using any component in between (such as an amp)?
TV's do not have speaker terminals. A TV's internal amp is probably no more that 10 watts at most. Enough to power the tiny drivers in the TV.

If you have speakers with their own internal amp, then you can run RCA cables from Audio Out on the back of the TV to your speakers.
The best you can do is powered speakers like cambridge or good computer speakers. But, only if you have speaker outputs in the back of the TV.
Elevick and Brewed are mostly correct but there are some older TVs (by older I mean pre-flat panel) w speaker outs. My Tera has a real honest to goodness 10 wpc amp w speaker cables outputs and pre-amp level outputs as well. My Loewe Planus has a proprietary connector for speaker output. The Tera is good enough that if you had some single-drivers or 90 dB monitors, they would work fine for TV (not HT).
I had an old TV and the spkr. rattled, so I removed it & installed a binding post on the side. Hooked up an old Peerless 6x9 I mounted in an even older Panasonic cabinet & it worked great until I dropped the TV. It was my garage TV & I had it outside one day...